New York City’s most decadent theme bars – Cloister Cafe: best medieval bar

It’s hard to believe that a bar based on the medieval period could attract so many hipsters but that’s exactly what you can expect at this East Village institution ( There are three different dining areas: the outdoor garden, the dining room and the hookah lounge. Gargoyles and swords help create the mood, and the stained-glass windows were acquired after a nearby church underwent renovations.
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10 Legendary NYC Hotels

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Cloister Cafe featured in “Where OITNB Characters Would Eat in NYC” article from Spoon University

“at the end of season 3, the OITNB prisoners seem to have escaped Litchfield. Hopefully, they come to NYC to enjoy a good meal with us. Among the many diverse NYC restaurants, some of our favorite OITNB stars can find one that perfectly matches each one’s unique personality.”

Sister Jane: Cloister Cafe

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A restaurant built from a renovated church, how fitting. We all know Sister Jane was known as a troublemaker in the church, sneaking out to go to protests at night. At Cloister Cafe, Sister Badass can enjoy some late night hookah amongst saints and sinners.

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